Junior Golf



Jr. Programs

An abundance of junior golf opportunities exist at Crab Orchard Golf Club. Something is available for kids who have finished kindergarten through their junior year in high school.

Two components make up the annual summer junior program. 

The first is the Jr. Golf Camp. The camp meets for four days and focuses on fundamental instruction. Juniors receive instruction on the golf swing, putting, chipping, rules, and etiquette.

The second component involves the kids throughout most of the summer vacation. Juniors meet once per week for instruction. This program features skill improvement and learning to play golf in a supervised environment.

COGC also has one of the longest running Junior Golf Tournaments in the Future Champs which brings in players from around the tri state area. Also available is our Jr/Sr tournament for COGC kids only.

A brochure featuring the specifics of the Junior Golf Program along with fees is available through COGC.