Who Makes Cut Golf Balls: Everything You Should Know 

Cut golf balls are manufactured and engineered by specialists in the Southeast Asian region. The brand has manufacturing facilities in countries like Vietnam and Taiwan. There are four manufacturing facilities; GTS Sporting Taiwan and Hold Gold Trading Company (Vietnam) are the leading manufacturers. 

You’ll find cut golf balls available in different categories and varieties. But before choosing these balls, you must know whether cut golf balls fit your gameplay. Let’s check it out to learn more!

A Brief Overview of Cut Golf Balls

There are a lot of golf ball brands that make superb claims with affordable pricing. But most fail to deliver as promised, unlike Cut Golf Balls. 

These golf balls are very good at covering a long distance at a reasonable price. As a golf ball brand, it caters to different types of players with varying playing styles. 

At the price point at which most of these golf balls are available, any player can get a reasonable deal.

You’ll find golf balls with urethane and surlyn covers under their label. Primarily, the brand focuses on cost-cutting to offer you the ball at a lower price point. That is why you’ll find cut golf balls online rather than offline.

On the other hand, you can easily differentiate them from different types of tour balls based on aesthetics. The color used in these balls is typically brighter than the other types. 

Moreover, these golf balls are suitable for beginners who want to polish their skills without spending a fortune.

Good Sides

  • High-performance ball at an affordable price point
  • Feels good off the tee
  • Impressive ball flight
  • Covers a great distance like most other premium balls
  • Has bright aesthetics

Bad Sides

  • Balls may have scruffs after 1 or 2 holes
  • A bit firm, making it less forgiving

What are the different models of Cut Golf Balls?

The brand sells five different models of Cut Golf Balls. All of these variants are innovative and come with superb craftsmanship. 

Among these models, three variants come with urethane covers. To know more about these golf balls, let’s look at their pricing.

ModelProduction YearPrice
Cut Red2019$12.99
Cut Grey2017$24.99
Cut Blue2017$24.95
Cut DC2019$29.95
Cut Matte2019$22.99

Where are Cut Golf Balls made?

Most golf ball brands have manufacturing units located in different places worldwide. That said, the cut golf balls are made in units located in Southeast Asia, primarily in Vietnam and Taiwan. 

There are multiple reasons for taking the manufacturing unit to Asia.  Some of the core reasons are listed below:

Low Labor Wages

The production costs significantly affect the pricing of golf balls. You’ll find golf balls with manufacturing plants in your state or nearby states in the US. But most won’t be available at a super affordable price range.

Labor costs cover a significant portion of the production costs. That is why high labor wages in a region would eventually be the reason behind the high price of golf balls. 

Compared to California, where Cut golf balls are based, wages are way lower in Vietnam and Taiwan.  In these countries, manufacturing workers are paid around $150-500 per month, 80-90% lower than California workers.

Improved Ecosystem

The effectiveness of manufacturing depends on the total ecosystem. This ecosystem involves the availability of manpower and lower tax rates. 

Most of these countries where golf balls are manufactured are still in the developing stage and have ample skilled manpower. Such a combination makes it perfect for many golf brands. 

Especially, in countries like Vietnam and Taiwan, developing a good supply chain network for material sourcing is more economical than in the US.

Low Compliance

Setting up manufacturing plants in the West means that you need to abide by many regulations. Most companies want to avoid these hassles and outsource the entire manufacturing process.

In Southeast Asian countries like Taiwan and Vietnam, abiding by specific regulatory measures is easygoing and not rigid for businesses.

How do Cut golf balls compare to other brands?

With plenty of golf ball brands available on the market, it’s pretty hard for a brand to establish a differentiating factor. 

Cut Golf has smartly placed itself among the big brands that have some unique offerings for consumers.

Some of the core traits that set cut golf balls apart from other balls are stated below:


The first noticeable difference in the cut golf balls is in their aesthetics. The majority of other golf balls from various brands have a dull color pattern. However, the Cut golf balls have somewhat brighter colors. 

Such vivid aesthetics are perfect for beginners. The reason is not losing sight of the ball and not ending up losing it.

Economical Pricing

Most golf balls that offer almost similar output levels, like the Cut golf balls, come at $50+/dozen. These balls are tour-grade balls and go on a high trajectory.

Regarding performance and flight, the Cut Golf variants, like the Cut DC and Cut Blue, are on par with the Titleist Pro V1 and Vice Pro. 

But it’s almost half when you compare Cut golf balls with the prices of brands like Titleist.

Swing Speed 

Golfers with moderate swing speeds get the best performance out of the cut golf balls. 

Most other golf balls don’t cater to this segment too often. These balls feel good off the tee at such swinging speeds and don’t lose distance. 


The affordable Cut golf balls with high-end offerings may invoke many queries in your mind. Some of those queries are discussed below for your convenience. 

Where can you get cut golf balls?

Cut Golf sells its golf balls through a direct-to-consumer channel. You can buy their golf balls through their website and marketplaces. They aren’t available in retail stores.

Do cut golf balls have urethane covering? 

The Cut DC, Cut Blue, and Cut Grey come with urethane coverings. These balls are firm and offer great flight compared to those in the same segment.

Why Cut Golf Blue Spins less than Cut Grey?

The construction of Cut blue is more firmer than that of the Cut grey. Softer feel in the Cut Grey allows it to spin more.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the manufacturers of golf balls is essential, as it will give you an idea of their quality. The Cut golf balls are manufactured with true craftsmanship by people with years of experience.

The design and the technology used are reliable enough, which will help you make an accurate decision about buying Cut golf balls. 

Moreover, we tried to convey the correct information about who makes cut golf balls, and we hope it answers all your queries.

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