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  1. Roger Leah Klingensmith says:

    what is the problem if codes 11 and 55 appear at the same time?

  2. John Ivey says:

    Mr. Smith,
    Hi. We have a 2024 Evolution D5 Ranger 2+2 we bought new from Battery Source in Montgomery, AL on 03-22-24.
    It’s been great until today. I charged it to 100% this morning and it was fine. I had been riding around this afternoon for about 1 hour, actually picking up litter in our area as I am retired, when suddenly Error Code 47 showed up on the screen, and it would not go forward. Then Error Code 48 came on along with 47, and it flashed Error Code 49 one time. It would not go into drive or reverse. It would not lock in place when stopped, but I did have brakes. Fortunately I was on a hill and was able to roll a quarter mile to my driveway, but it would not make it up the driveway. The UPS man happened to stop by and he helped me push it into the garage. For a while it would not even come on but will come on now with the Error Code 47 on constantly.
    What are Error Codes 47, 48 and 49, please?
    Thank you,
    John Ivey
    Wetumpka, AL 36093

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