Who Makes Nitro Golf Balls? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Nitro Golf balls are known for their affordable prices and casual golfing experience. The balls are made by a small company known as Reliable Knitting Works. It’s a fabric knitting company located in Stuart, Florida, USA. 

The company boasts itself for designing and distributing various types of knitting wear around the USA. Naturally, it makes you wonder, how a knitting company is producing such quality golf balls? Let’s dive deep to find that out. 

Brief Overview Of Nitro Golf Balls (source, source, source)

Any good quality golf ball should be user-friendly for beginners, and Nitro Golf Balls are no exception. 

The price, quality, and features of these balls, in our opinion, will appeal to any beginner. 

Combining all these traits, Nitro Golf Balls have grown pretty fast in the golf industry.

And their mission to produce high-performing golf equipment within a budget for 25 years has gotten them a lot of loyal customers.

Altogether, Nitro Golf balls focus on players who occasionally golf for entertainment. 

The features of the balls are all suited towards casual golfing, where you would emphasize long-shot games more.

Good sides

  • Affordable prices
  • Covers great distance
  • Offers a variety of choices
  • Pretty sturdy constructions
  • Decent aerodynamics


  • A bit less suitable for pros
  • Not the softest of golf balls out there

What Are the Different Models of Nitro Golf Balls? (source, source)

We weren’t expecting Nitro Golf Balls to offer such a wide variety of balls, even for the recreational and amateur golfers out there. 

Let’s take a quick look at the available models and their prices in the table below –

ModelProduction yearPrice
Pulsar2017$14-$18 (12-pack)
Ultimate Distance2014$13 (15-pack)
Tour Distance2020$16 (15-pack)
Crossfire2018$35 (45-pack)
Eclipse2015$15-$16 (12-pack)
Glycerin2018$16 (15-pack)
LD+202009$12-$14 (15-pack)
Novelty Golf balls2015$8 (3-pack)
Blank Golf balls2015$9 (12-pack)
Maximum Distance2012$9-$15 (12-pack)
WhiteOut2014$13-$14 (12-pack)

Where Are Nitro Golf Balls Made?

Nitro makes all their golf balls in the USA at their manufacturing plant. It all started in Stuart, Florida, in a knitting factory called Reliable Knitting Works. Even though they were a knitting company, they made some pretty decent golf balls.

From thereon, they held their base of operations in Florida, with the name changing from Nitro Leisure Products to Nitro Golf. 

Aside from the main manufacturing plant, they also have another recycling facility in Florida.

Because they wanted to keep the price of their balls low, they could not afford to hire foreign companies to produce their balls. 

Also, Florida’s economy, in comparison to other states’, made it the ideal location for them to offer golf balls that were worth the money.

How Do Nitro Golf Balls Compare To Other Brands? 

We were wondering why anyone would go for Nitro golf balls when there are so many other quality choices out there. 

But it didn’t take us long to figure that out after we compared Nitro Balls and other brands. Here’s what keeps Nitro Golf Balls ahead in the competition –

Value for money

Undoubtedly, the pricing Nitro Golf Balls provide keeps them miles ahead of the competition. 

Considering the price, the quality of the balls is just all-around impressive. We don’t think you can find such quality balls from any other brand at much lower prices.

Suited for beginners

One issue a lot of beginners face is losing their golf balls. Since the Nitro Golf balls aren’t as expensive as other golf balls, beginners won’t have to worry too much about losing the balls. 

Also, the design and performance are perfect for them to go through the game’s learning curve.

Two-layer construction

Nitro uses only two layers in the construction of the balls, whereas many other brands use three or more. 

Honestly, there are both advantages and disadvantages. One of the key benefits is that the balls can cover a good distance due to their lighter weight.

Variety in models

With affordable balls, you surely don’t expect to have too many choices. But Nitro Golf also keeps that door open for you, with around 11 varieties in their golf ball models. 

What’s even more exciting is that each model has its own unique set of features to suit different playstyles.

Years of experience

Topping everything off, Nitro Golf’s 25 years of experience always puts the customers at ease. With such experience, they can surely produce high-quality balls.

And because of that, they also get customer loyalty from people who just want to play golf for fun but don’t want to waste their money.


There are a few more questions that we thought were worth discussing about the Nitro Golf Balls. Throughout our research on these balls, these questions came up quite often. So, here we answer them for you.

Are Nitro golf balls not legal?

Yes, apparently, Nitro Golf Balls aren’t legal to use. As per the USGA conforming list, Nitro Golf balls don’t meet the technical requirements to be considered for golf games in general. But the legality is only limited to professional golf tournaments. 

Can you use Nitro golf balls for professional golfing?

Nitro Golf balls aren’t usable for professional golfing for two reasons. One is that they are not legal according to USGA rules. Another reason is that they don’t have the specifications or quality to qualify as professional golf balls.

How long do Nitro golf balls last?

If you put Nitro golf balls in harsh conditions and don’t play the balls according to their usability, they can last for about 10 years, just like any other regular golf ball.

What is the average compression of Nitro Golf Balls?

The average compression you get in Nitro Golf balls is around 70. It clearly indicates that the balls are on the softer side. However, they aren’t the softest golf balls out there.

Final Words

Finishing it off, Nitro Golf Balls are the perfect getaway for beginner and casual golfers. 

If you are looking to get these balls, we would say go ahead with them. You won’t mind the value you get from the balls.

Having said that, these balls aren’t the best choices for professional golf tours. In that case, we recommend checking out other brands.

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