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Vice Golf, a German company founded in 2012 by Ingo Duellmann and Rainer Stoeckl, specializes in the production of Vice Golf balls. Operating as a direct-to-consumer (D2C) business, they offer top-quality golf balls at affordable prices through their online platform.

Now you may wonder how they could be affordable if they’re high performing golf balls. To figure it out, you have to check out the writing below. So, let’s find out the answer. 

Brief Overview of Vice Golf Balls

VICE is one of those popular golf brands that is renowned for producing premium golf balls at a lower price. They are widely used by tour players due to their unique qualities and control. 

Vice golf balls are made from a unique combination of plastic, rubber, and steel. This engineering technique allows the ball to produce proper distance and accuracy in any kind of weather condition. 

The Dual Core Technology for increased spin and distance in every shot. Also, every version of the Vice golf ball is tested by the engineers and regarded as as good as Titelist or other comparable brands on the market. 

Good Sides 

  • High performance and a fantastic feel
  • Decent spin rate
  • Consistent ball flight and good swing speed
  • Better for players who want to improve their game.
  • Great performance at an affordable price.


  • Slightly less durable than other popular golf balls.
  • A bit more softer. 

What Are the Different Models of Vice Golf Balls?

Currently, VICE produces five different models of golf balls, which include VICE Pro, VICE Pro Plus, VICE Pro Soft, VICE Tour, and VICE Drive. 

All of these balls are of the highest quality and suitable for tour players. Check out the following table to get a distinct idea of these models:

Model NameProduction YearPrice
VICE Pro2016-2020$34.99/Dz
VICE Pro Plus2019-2020$37.99/Dz
VICE Pro Soft2020$29.99 – $38.99/Dz
VICE Tour2019$21.99 – $27.99/Dz
VICE Drive2020$17.99 – $19.99/Dz

Where Are Vice Golf Balls Made?

Vice Golf currently has two manufacturing facilities, one each in Germany and Taiwan, where their golf balls are produced. 

As we have already mentioned, the Vice golf balls were first manufactured in Germany, and the headquarters of the brand are also located in Munich, Germany. 

With the growing popularity and demand, the company had to increase their production and sell their products all around the world. 

So, they started manufacturing golf balls with the name Vice in Taiwan and Germany. 

Now more than 200 engineers, designers, and workers are working in Germany and Taiwan to produce high quality golf balls. 

Every year, the company makes millions of premium golf balls and ships them to the customers’ front doors. 

How Do Vice Golf Balls Compare to Other Brands?

Vice golf balls are widely regarded as the most unique and high-tech golf balls. They have some unique features and technologies that really make the balls unparalleled. 

However, the features that make the Vice golf balls unique from other brands are the following: 

D2C Golf Brand 

The most important feature of Vice Gold that makes it unique from other golf brands is that it is a D2C brand. We have already informed you that VICE sells their golf balls directly to consumers. 

It’s because the company started their business with the goal of producing high-quality golf balls and selling them at a fair price. 

As a D2C company, they’re able to reduce their production costs and sell the products at an affordable price.  

Thus, Vice Golf is the first brand that makes high-tech golf balls but still sells them at a lower price and sends them directly to customers. In this way, it makes the brand super unique compared to others. 

DuPont Surlyn Cover 

This is another iconic feature for two popular Vice golf models: VICE Tour and VICE Drive. The DuPont Surlyn cover gives them a distinct look from the golf balls from other brands. 

Surlyn is also highly durable and a preferred golf ball cover for most novice golfers. 

Moreover, it helps to produce high ball speeds and increases distance. Surlyn golf balls are also less expensive than usual urethane golf balls.  

Polyurethane Sprayer 

The polyurethane sprayer is another feature that makes the Vice golf balls different from others. 

An automated sprayer sprays polyurethane over the ball to improve its flight characteristics. 

This polyurethane coating is also resistant to ultraviolet light deterioration and yellowing. It also protects the rubber, ionomers, and other materials used in the ball’s cover. 

The Way of Using Rubber 

Like other golf balls, the inner cores of Vice golf balls are made from synthetic rubber or plastic. But there is a tricky difference between Vice and other brands.  

The substances that the Vice engineers mix up with the rubber are quite different from those of other brands. They add some chemicals to the rubber to create a hot batter and let the mixture cool. 

Then, the cool, rubbery sheets are pressed into an expanded extruder, which turns the rubber into a die and makes slugs. 

After that, the slugs are pushed into a mold machine and finally result in a Vice golf ball core. 

Keep In Line (KIL) Technology 

VICE Pro and VICE Pro Soft models feature “Keep In Line,” or KIL, technology that makes the balls totally different from other brands. 

According to this technology, the balls come in different color combinations in the KIL line and Verve. 

It helps the players get more accuracy in the putt alignment. Also, this feature gives the Vice balls an extremely unique design and brightness. 

Stick to the Green (S2TG) Technology 

The S2TG technology is another pinpoint for Vice golf balls. Vice balls with this technology technically come with a center layer of urethane that is designed to produce soft and effortless shots over the green. 

It also gives a lower center of gravity and helps golfers have incredible control over the spin and enjoy a sticky experience on the grass. 


Now we know who makes Vice golf balls and more. If there’s some more information you’re searching for, let’s check out the following FAQs: 

Are Vice golf balls worth money? 

Yes, Vice golf balls are really worth money. These golf balls have proven that their performance is comparable to the balls from other reputable brands. With these balls, you can enjoy premium technology at an affordable price. 

Is Vice a legal brand? 

Of course, Vice is a legal brand. They have permission from the British and Irish Golfing Association, the RAC, and the United States Golf Association. The Vice golf balls are also permissible to be played in various competitive tournaments around the world. 

What Vice golf balls are like the Pro V1? 

The Vice Pro and Pro Plus golf balls are almost identical to the Titleist Pro V1 golf balls. Their spin rates and swing speeds are very similar. And fortunately, you can get it with the Vice Golf at a fair price compared to the Pro V1 golf balls.  

Which Vice Golf is softer between Vice Pro and Vice Pro+? 

The Vice Pro golf balls are softer than the Vice Pro Plus golf balls. It is because the Pro Plus golf balls have a four-piece construction with 336 dimples and are designed for higher speeds and a lower trajectory.  

Final Words

Buying golf balls from big brands is expensive. But now you can enjoy the same premium technology with the blessings of Vice golf balls, even at a fair cost. 

Surely, the Vice golf balls are now one of the most flexible options. And soon, they are going to be one of the top golf ball brands. 

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