Who Makes Pinnacle Golf Balls? Are They Worth The Fame?

The quality of Pinnacle golf balls has never been in question because they are manufactured by Acushnet Holding Corporation. It’s the same company that produces golf balls for Titleist. In fact, both of these balls are manufactured in the same factory. 

So, you have to question how Pinnacle balls are still so affordable, whereas Titleist golf balls are so expensive. That’s what we are about to find out below in our discussion. Let’s get right into it. 

Brief Overview of Pinnacle Golf Balls (source, source, source, source)

When it comes to casual golfing experiences, Pinnacle golf balls have been the choice of millions. 

Since its beginning in 1972, they have been determined to make golf balls for the regular golfers swaying away from the professional aspect of golfing. 

They are keeping up with that commitment to this day by making good quality balls accessible to casual and beginner golfers. 

While these balls are not the best for professional golf tours, they can surely give a golfer just the experience they need from a golf ball. 

Even as recreational golf balls, Pinnacle has made it to the USGA conforming golf balls list

It means that Pinnacle makes their golf balls following the guidelines, so the legality of these balls will never be an issue at all. 

Good sides

  • Affordable pricing
  • Great distance coverage
  • High-quality constructions
  • Consistent performance
  • Suited for different playstyles


  • Not suitable for professional golfing
  • Feels a bit hard 

What Are The Different Models Of Pinnacle Golf Balls? (source, source, source)

To be honest; Pinnacle golf balls don’t have a whole range of choices for golfers. They come in limited options, but their variety is truly impressive. 

Every single model has something unique to offer to suit a particular golfer’s playstyle. 

Here’s a table showing you the different models available for Pinnacle golf balls – 

ModelsProduction yearPrice
Pinnacle Softballs2016$24.99 (15-pack)
Pinnacle Rush balls2016$24.99 (15-pack)
Pinnacle Gold balls1972+$20 (15-pack)
Pinnacle Bling balls2013$24 (12-pack)
Pinnacle Reload balls2009$27 (24-pack)

Where Are Pinnacle Golf Balls Made? (source,

Pinnacle makes their golf balls right here in the USA, so there is no scope of importing cheaper components from elsewhere. 

As we shared earlier, Acushnet is the company behind these Pinnacle balls. They have a manufacturing plant in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, US.

Also, it’s always reassuring to know Titleist golf balls come from the same factory following the same manufacturing process. 

So, the quality of construction shouldn’t be that different between the two golf balls.

Maintaining the same quality as Titleist is the primary reason Pinnacle chose Acushnet as their golf ball manufacturer. Also, since they are producing the balls in the USA, they can minimize the cost and have lower prices on them.

How Do Pinnacle Golf Balls Compare to Other Brands? (source, source, source)

It’s time we go deeper into the discussion and find out what keeps the Pinnacle golf balls ahead in the competition. 

Of course, you can’t compare these to professional golf balls because Titleist already owns the game.

Let’s get through the features that make Pinnacle golf balls better compared to other casual golf balls.

Assuring quality

When you know Pinnacle golf balls have the same manufacturer as Titleist, you can immediately rely on the quality of the balls. 

Most Pinnacle golf balls tend to have a two-layer cover that uses high-quality components to design the balls. In short, quality will never be a question for you.

Reasonable prices

Pinnacle tries to keep the prices as low as possible to be suitable for beginners and casual gamers. 

Most of the time, beginners or casual golfers tend to lose their golf balls; with cheaper balls like Pinnacle, they won’t have to worry too much about the cost. and there is no compromise on quality either.

Excellent distance coverage

One of the key factors in determining whether Pinnacle golf balls stay ahead in the game is their distance coverage. 

The Pinnacle golf balls, especially the Rush series, are popular for getting great distances on the golf field. 

Due to that, many beginners and handicapped players enjoy using these balls for their games.

Versatile options

While there may not be a lot of options with Pinnacle balls, they still provide choices for various preferences. 

They have one option with the best possible distance coverage, and another option focuses on getting the best possible feel. So, you can get the one you prefer for your game style.


We went through the overview of the Pinnacle balls; now it’s time to discuss some popular questions regarding these balls. Let’s get ahead and meet any curiosity with these balls.

What’s the Best Pinnacle Golf Ball?

Currently, in 2023, the Rush golf ball series is the best option available from Pinnacle. It has the classic specialty of covering a good distance off the tee with the Pinnacle golf balls. The distance coverage can put some professional quality balls to shame at times. 

When Did the Pinnacle Golf Ball Start?

Pinnacle golf balls started their journey in 1972 when the demand for casual golf balls was increasing. Since then, they have introduced a variety of golf balls with affordable pricing for beginners and casual golfers.

Are Titleist And Pinnacle The Same Brand?

No, Titleist and Pinnacle are two different brands of golf balls. Titleist makes professional quality balls for official tours and games with higher pricing. Pinnacle makes balls for casual players at a reasonable price.

Is Pinnacle on the USGA Conforming List?

Yes, Pinnacle is approved on the USGA conforming golf balls list. So, there will be no issues about the legality of these balls. Even though they won’t be suitable for professional golf games, they still meet the minimum requirements set by the USGA for the legality of golf balls.

Final Words

Overall, we would say anyone into golfing, whether casual or professional, knows about Pinnacle. Most people know them as the sibling of Titleist. 

We would say Pinnacle is simply the affordable alternative option for Titleist. We think anyone looking for a golf ball with a good distance for their casual golfing experience should check out Pinnacle golf balls. 

Now that you know who makes Pinnacle golf balls, you can rest assured about their quality as well.

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