Who Makes PXG Golf Clubs?

Parsons Xtreme Golf Clubs, commonly known as PXG Golf Clubs, was founded in September 2013 by Bob Parsons, who is a renowned businessman and philanthropist.

Bob is a crazy guy and a golf expert, and he started PXG out of his great love for the sport. They have their headquarters in Arizona and are among the top manufacturers of golf clubs worldwide.

PXG has dominated the golf club market with its cutting-edge designs and premium materials. So buckle up, and let’s see what makes PXG different from the competition.

Brief Overview Of PXG Golf Clubs – [Source, Source, Source, Source]

After researching for a very long time and experimenting with different materials, PXG came up with golf clubs that are among the best clubs in the world. 

The clubs are designed in such a way that they will increase the entire performance of your game. 

Additionally, PXG offers a high level of customization, so you will always be able to find the perfect golf club for yourself. 

Moreover, these clubs are known for their precision weighting system. If you are a pro golfer, you should already know the importance of precision weighing. 

This will allow you to adjust the club’s center of gravity, which can be a great help during playing shots. 

Good Sides – [Source]

  • Comes with a glare resistant finish to avoid distractions
  • Made with high quality materials that offers durability
  • Designed with advanced features like a precision weighting system
  • The clubs have a forgiving nature 
  • Have a unique manufacturing process

Bad Sides

  • Quite expensive compared to other models
  • Has a somewhat reduced clubhead size

What Are The Different Types Of PXG Golf Clubs? – [Source]

PXG golf clubs are highly engineered clubs that offer the highest levels of customization. These clubs are preferred by many professionals like Zach Johnson, James Hann, and more. 

You will never run short of finding your preferred clubs when you are buying from PXG, as they offer a wide variety of options.

Type of ClubsModelsPrice
Drivers0311 Gen6, 0311 Gen5, 0211$199.99-$499.99
Irons0311 Gen6, 0311 Gen5, 0211 XCOR2, 0311X$99.99-$499.99
Fairways0311 Gen6, 0311 Gen5, 0211$149.99-$299.99
Wedges0311 Sugar Daddy II, Sugar Daddy II Xtreme Dark, 0311 3X Forged$149.99-$499.99
PuttersM16, 0211$199.99-$399.99
Hybrids0311 Gen6, 0311 Gen5, 0211$189.99-$289.99

Where Are PXG Golf Clubs Made? – [Source, Source, Source, Source]

PXG clubs are produced in the USA under the founder’s supervision, who makes sure that they adhere to his strict standards for top-notch quality. 

To be more precise, the company itself is based in California, but the main production is done in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Even though the company started in September 2013, official production began in January 2015. There is a reason for keeping the production in Arizona.

First of all, finding a large place in Arizona is easy, and their factory is huge, with an approximate area of 35,000 square feet.

Many companies produce their golf clubs in countries like China and Taiwan. But unlike that, PXG does it in-house, which assures the golfers of its highest quality and durability. 

The company can overlook the entire production process and ensure that every club works to its highest potential and is of the highest caliber. 

How Do PXG Golf Clubs Compare to Other Brands? – [Source, Source]

PXG golf clubs are somewhat more expensive than other high end brands, and there are many reasons for that. It separates itself from other brands due to its attention to excellent detail. 

Since the product has been available for purchase, everything has been produced, assembled, and examined in the USA. 

They comply with a set of standards established by the company’s founder and never stock products that don’t match those standards.

Only uses material of the highest grade

PXG never skimps on quality; since every step of the production process is done in the United States, the company keeps an eye on everything. 

They only use the highest grade of material available, and this ensures that you get a premium quality and durable golf club.

Customization option 

Although many brands offer customization options for their clubs, none provide as many options as PXG. 

When you order a club for them, you will find many customization options, more than you could even imagine. So, this allows you to always end up with the perfect fit for your game. 

Accurate Performance

Another great feature of PXG golf clubs is their accuracy. As it is made up of advanced technology with a precision weighting system, this increases the overall performance of these golf clubs. 

Consistent on every shot

According to PXG, they have developed a sophisticated welding and polishing technique that eliminates hot spots from the interior cavity of their irons, resulting in increased consistency while using their clubs.


When budget is not an issue, PXG golf clubs can be a great choice for any golfer. Reading this FAQs section will further help you clear out all of your confusion regarding these golf clubs.

Should Good handicappers use PXG golf clubs? – [Source]

Yes, good handicappers can benefit from PXG clubs. They offer customization options, especially custom club fittings. Additionally, they are designed to be forgiving, which allows golfers to hit the ball straighter and farther.

Why are PXG Golf clubs more expensive? – [Source]

There are many reasons why PXG golf clubs are more expensive than other brands. First of all, they offer custom fitting, which increases their price. Additionally, they are made from the finest materials, which increases their accuracy, further increasing the cost.

Do PXG golf clubs come with a warranty? – [Source]

PXG provides a two-year limited warranty on its golf clubs. For two years from the initial date of purchase, the guarantee covers any flaws in the components or the craftsmanship. Additionally, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, excluding restocking fees of 10%.


PXG is not just any brand for golf clubs; they have done years of research before finally releasing their top-class golf clubs. 

When you hold these golf clubs in your hand, the feeling you will have in your hand is not describable in words.

Starting from design to performance, everything will feel like it is worth every penny. 

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