Who Makes Titleist Golf Balls: A Comprehensive Discussion!

Due to their high-grade materials and excellent performance, Titleist golf balls have topped the preference list of pro golfers! All credit goes to “Acushnet Holding Corporation,” the one who makes Titleist golf balls

For more than 85 years, Titleist golf balls have dominated the industry. This company launches a newer generation of some old Titleist balls almost every year. 

Moreover, these sets are different and beneficial from their contemporaries. How so? Let’s have a look at that!

Brief Overview of Titleist Golf Balls [Source]

Titleist golf ball sets have been ruling the golf industry for decades. The technology and materials used to assemble the sets help to achieve consistent performance and accuracy.  

Let’s talk about the build quality. Its layers of coating aid in sending the ball as close to the target as possible. And due to its flexible construction, it can create both lower and higher spin rates. 

Therefore, different players with wider varieties of handicaps can use the ball models as per their needs. (Source)

Golfing with a Titleist ball set is cost-effective. Even after playing at a professional level, you can play a maximum of nine holes. And for amateurs, it can increase to 18 to 27 holes. So, there is no need to switch balls often. (Source

Good sides of Titleist golf balls

  • Re–formulated cover/layer provides a soft feel 
  • Provides higher launch 
  • Improved control over the shot 
  • Ideal to cover a great distance
  • Matte finishing 


  • Newer models are expensive 
  • Less spin around the greens

What Are the Different Models of Titleist Golf Balls? [Source]

Titleist comes in eight different series to choose from. And each set offers better technology, control, feel, and performance than the previous models. 

Moreover, their external looks and layering have also improved. With each added feature, they cost more. Here is a quick chart of the models: 

ModelsProduction YearPrice
Titleist TruFeel2020$24 per dozen
Titleist Velocity2022$28 per dozen
Titleist Tour Soft2022$32 per dozen
Titleist Tour Speed2022$38 per dozen
Titleist AVX2020–2022$48 per dozen
Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash2021$50 per dozen
Titleist Pro V1x2021$50 per dozen
Titleist Pro V12021$50 per dozen

Where Are Titleist Golf Balls Made? [Source]

Ever since the foundation of Acushnet, they have been producing golf balls in New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA. 

They usually don’t import any resources from other countries. In fact, their raw materials are from around the USA. 

As this state is a manufacturing hub, they have based their business right there. 

Because strong connections between manufacturers make it easier to source materials, workforce, finance, and business support. (Source)

How Do Titleist Golf Balls Compare to Other Brands? [Source 1, 2]

Titleist has been improving their golf balls’ outer layers, looks, and performance quality each year. 

And their key selling features, as described below, are what make them unique from standard golf ball sets: 


Titleists’ compression rate at an affordable price is rare among their counterparts. We know how much swing speed matters to golfers. 

And finding a golf ball brand compatible with a wider range of swing speeds is quite different!

To bridge the gap, Titleist offers 65 to 100 compression. (Source) On the other hand, the most known Callaway and TaylorMade, provide 70 to 85 compression. 

Moreover, they don’t come in a variety of ratings. (Source) The low compression of the Titleist set is ideal for players with slower swing speeds. 

And 65 to 70 compression rating covers a great distance with a low swing rate. 

However, there is no alternative to mid to high compression for accuracy and more control over the ball. 

Considering that Titleist offers golf ball models with several compression. (Source) 

Build Quality and Performance 

Luckily, the build quality of the Titleist golf ball series can withstand frequent strikes and use. 

They can last for several rounds. We appreciate the manufacturing technology to configure 3 layers of coating in the balls. And these outer covers make all the difference. 

Its high-gradient casting layers keep the ball sturdy against rough terrain. And this core helps produce less spin for long games. The best part is that such coverings lower the rate of hook and slice. Why?

This is because its lower spin causes the ball to go straight. So, for novices, it comes in handy to maintain the ball’s flight path!

We haven’t seen many two-in-one golf ball sets that can be beneficial for long and short games. That said, Titleist’s cast thermoset covers produce more spin for short games. (Source

And its NAZ+ionomer material ensures the ball moves around the golf course correctly, and that too without getting any rips or scrapes. (Source)

The LSX-core technology combined with the newer set of balls increases the speed of the balls. So, you can go great distances with it. (Source)

Feel and Color 

It’s necessary for all players to feel confident with the golf balls they play with. The interaction between the balls and the putter face, greens, or greens/course can either make your game a hit or miss! 

Its exterior makes it soft around the greens. So, the ball won’t be stuck in the rough grass. 

For golfers that prefer to play with harder-feeling golf balls, the multiple layers of this series provide a solid feel. 

So you get to feel the best of both worlds, unlike the Mizuno and TaylorMade sturdy balls. (Source)

Not all branded golf accessories offer the customization option for colors, unlike Titleist. Having colored golf balls is handy for players who golf in the fall or around fallen leaves. 

This is because white is hard to identify in the pile of leaves. But Titleist comes in matte orange, pink, and green that pop out, even from a distance! (Source)

Various Price Range

It goes without saying that golf is an expensive sport. So, spending money in the beginning isn’t a smart move, especially for golf balls. because they require frequent replacement. 

But Titleist ranges between low and high prices so that all types of golfers can afford them. 

Just because they are high-end doesn’t mean they can be less than $50. They offer balls for $21 as well. And they’re a great deal for novices. (Source)

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s)

Before buying a golf ball set, you should consider several factors, especially if it is from a well-known brand like Titleist. So, to help you with that, we have covered some related queries: 

What is the lifespan of Titleist golf balls? [Source]

Generally, golf balls don’t get scuffed and lose their performance ability for a year or so. For that, you need to store them away from extreme weather. And Titleist can last for several 9-hole golf rounds. 

Is Titleist golf ball beginner friendly? [Source

It depends on which series of Titleist models you purchased. The older generations, or TruFeel balls, provide the perfect combination of distance and soft feel required for novices. 

This set can help them control their ball flight and launch without hooks and slices.

Do Titleist golf balls have a warranty? [Source]

Yes, Titleist golf balls are replaceable under the cut-proof warranty. But the damage or cuts need to result from a golf club. If there are scuffs or cracks due to trees, lawnmowers, or other objects, you won’t get a new golf ball. 


Titleist has become a brand in itself, so people often assume they produce their line of balls. 

We’d say Acushnet deserves all the acknowledgement for the technology, workforce, and materials they combine for Titleist balls. 

For beginner to pro golfers that want to enjoy a versatile performance in the same ball, I’d suggest giving a shot to Titleist balls. 

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