Who Makes Taylormade Golf Balls? What Models Are Out There?

TaylorMade golf balls are manufactured by the renowned TaylorMade Golf Ball Korea, previously known as Nassau Golf Co. This company has been instrumental in establishing TaylorMade as a leading name among golfers, thanks to their high-quality golf balls.

It’s the same company that has been making golf balls for TaylorMade for more than 15 years. So, even with the name changes, there is no compromise in the TaylorMade quality. 

But still, how did the events take place? Let’s check that out here. 

A Brief Overview of Taylormade Golf Balls

TaylorMade is a company that has been making golf balls for many years. The golf balls they make are highly popular among all golfers. 

In fact, it’s been a primary choice for many professional golfers out there that they use in their golf tours. 

There are lots of different golf ball options available in the TaylorMade inventory. 

Each option has its unique set of specifications and benefits that cater to the needs of a specific player. 

But all of them have some common qualities that make them a top choice for professionals.

Let’s check out what made people like Collin Morikawa, Dustin Johnson, or Rory McIlroy work with the TaylorMade golf balls –


  • Comes with great durability 
  • Wide collection for every player 
  • Reliable performance 
  • Accurate aerodynamics 
  • Unique features with advanced technology 


  • Expensive for regular players 
  • Flawed feel and control 

What Are The Different Models Of TaylorMade Golf Balls? (source)

One of the most exciting things about TaylorMade is its wide collection of balls. Each ball has a distinct feature that suits a particular playstyle, making it easy for people to find their perfect golf ball.

Here, we’ll list every model of TaylorMade golf ball available and compare how each one measures up in terms of cost and production.

ModelProduction yearPrice
Distance+ Yellow2021$19.99
KALEA golf balls2019$19.99
TP52017$39.99 – $54.99
TP5X2017$49.99 – $54.99
Tour response2022$42.99
Soft response2022$29.99

Where are TaylorMade Golf Balls Made? (source, source, source, source)

Right from the beginning, we said TaylorMade balls come from a manufacturing factory in South Korea named Nassau Golf Co. So, it’s the primary location where TaylorMade golf balls are made.

In 2021, TaylorMade acquired the company and continued producing golf balls from that factory. 

The reason for doing that was to ensure they retained the official rights to get golf balls from Nassau Golf Company. 

What’s even more interesting is that TaylorMade didn’t want Nassau to serve other brands with such quality balls. 

As a result of that, Nassau stopped selling golf balls to other companies besides Snell. Even the company changed its name from Nassau Golf Co. to TaylorMade Golf Ball Korea.

Now, apart from the South Korean manufacturing plant, TaylorMade has two other major manufacturing plants in the USA and Taiwan.  

One is the TaylorMade golf ball, South Carolina and the other one is TaylorMade Golf Ball, Taiwan. 

They are currently operating out of all three of these facilities. The South Korean plant serves as their main manufacturing location, while the other two only partially support it.

How Do TaylorMade Golf Balls Compare to Other Brands? (source,

Let’s discuss why TaylorMade golf balls are ahead of the pack. We went ahead to see what unique features they offer in their golf balls to get ahead in the comparison. Here’s what we found –

Offers a lot of variety 

One of the best features that puts TaylorMade golf balls ahead of the competition is the options they provide. 

You can get plenty of different types of balls for various purposes. These balls cater to different kinds of players with a variety of playstyles.

Use of Advanced Technologies

Another factor where TaylorMade golf balls can take on other brands is innovation.

We found many TaylorMade balls trying to incorporate advanced technologies into their balls to gain the best possible performance.

Faster Speeds

Many people consider TaylorMade golf balls to be their first choice due to the faster speed they provide. 

Especially in their tour models, they used a SpeedFoam-infusion, which allows the balls to travel faster than other golf balls from different brands.

High Compression with Extra Spin

Lastly, a common theme about TaylorMade balls is that they will have a much higher compression rate, which results in additional spin. 

Players looking to get that additional spin always prefer TaylorMade over others.


By now, we have covered almost everything you should know about the making of TaylorMade balls. It’s time we explored a little bit more about the balls and checked out some popular queries about them. Without wasting any time, let’s go.

Why are Taylormade golf balls expensive?

One of the main reasons TaylorMade golf balls have a higher price is their investment in implementing advanced technologies. Their R&D department goes through many improvements and upgrades, increasing the price of the balls.

What’s the Best Taylormade Golf Ball?

There is no one best TaylorMade golf ball you will find out there. It all depends on your preferences. If you want the best distance, then check out the Distance+ series. For the best price, pick the soft response series. The best overall pick is TP5.

Do professionals use Taylormade golf balls?

Yes, a lot of the professionals out there use TaylorMade golf balls in their games. players like Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm, Collin Morikawa, Rory McIlroy, etc. Some of the top names in the golfing community use TaylorMade golf balls.

Are the Taylormade golf balls good enough for the price?

Yes, it’s always worth getting a TaylorMade golf ball. If you are looking for something specific and get the right ball, you won’t have any complaints. They provide balls for everyone, so getting the perfect option shouldn’t be an issue.

Final Words

As we come to the end of the discussion, you should feel more at ease knowing that Nassau Golf Ball Co. manufactures TaylorMade golf balls. 

You would be happy to know that it’s the same company that also makes Snell and Kirkland balls.

So quality will never be a concern for you. And if you can find the perfect model for your needs, TaylorMade golf balls might be your choice.

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