Who Makes Tour Edge Golf Clubs?

Tour Edge Golf Clubs are made by former golfer David Glod’s Tour Edge Company, which is located in Chicago, USA. The company is widely known for making golf clubs affordable for most mediocre and recreational golfers. 

Even though the company doesn’t outsource work to other countries and assembles in the US to reduce costs, many people are still perplexed as to how it manages to produce such high-quality golfing accessories without charging much. To learn more, keep reading!

Who Makes Tour Edge Golf Clubs? [source, Source]

Tour Edge Golf Manufacturing Inc. has been the talk of the town among golfers after the pandemic period. 

It’s because, for the last few years, Tour Edge has been breaking all the records in the golfing item marketplace and becoming a tough competitor for brands like Mizuno and Srixon. 

In 1986, David Glod, a veteran of Village Links Golf Club in Glen Ellyn, decided to launch a brand of his own to make golf clubs at a very reasonable price. 

A year later, Gold launched his own design, which caught the attention of several recreational players as the model would come cheap yet have a premium feel. 

When David Glod thought about starting his own company, he chose his garage as the right place to do so. From there, he started his long journey, and he never looked back after that. 

Tour Edge Inc. was the first company to make cost-efficient clubs eligible for competitive games and tours. 

The surprising part of this company is that it has gained profit quite steadily for the last 30 consecutive years or so. No other golf manufacturer has been able to reach this height as noticeably as Tour Edge in this decade. 

A Brief Overview of Tour Edge Golf Clubs ( source)

Tour Edge golf clubs have their own style and features that not only amaze recreational players but also pro golfers from competitive PGA tours. 

It has mainly 3 popular club series in the market; Exotic, Bazooka, and Hot Launch. Each of them can be in favor of any type of player during the game. 

The weight balance you get from every club or driver of the brand can help you gain accuracy and get some premium feel from holding the iron. 

Also, the diamond clubface architecture, which is vastly used in many T.E. clubs, creates wider sweet spots that allow for a better scoring sheet. 

However, the company has thought about each type of player and launched different types of clubs for different playing styles. So, golfers can pick their own type within the budget range at Tour Edge. 

Positive Sides of Tour Edge Clubs

  • Customers get a lifetime warranty, along with a 30 days guarantee from the manufacturer.
  • A fair amount of forgiveness
  • Lightweight
  • Golfers can feel a pleasing lift due to the calculated weight balance in each club.
  • The clubface of each club ensures a high-standard impact when hitting the ball.

Drawbacks of Tour Edge Clubs

  • The workability isn’t as good as some top-notch brands
  • It’s hard to get Tour Edge clubs with genuine classic designs for optimal performance.

What are the Different Types of Tour Edge Golf Clubs? (source)

There are mainly four Tour Edge product series on the market. Among them, one is just for golfing equipment or gear. 

The rest of the three feature golf clubs with multiple features to improve the in-game experience. Here’s a list of popular Tour Edge clubs and their details. 

ModelSeriesPrice (USD)
E722 DriverExotics299.99
E723 FairwayExotics279.99
C723 HybridExotics269.99
470 Black DriverBazooka149.99
E522 DriverHot Launch219.99
E523 DriverHot Launch269.99
C522 FairwayHot Launch139.99

(N:B: Price is taken from the Official Tour Edge Store)

Where are Tour Edge Golf Clubs Made? (source)

The main factory and head office of Tour Edge Inc. are located at 1301 Pierson Dr., Batavia, IL 60510, USA. 

The designs of each club from the Exotic, Hot Launch, and Bazooka series were created by none other than the president himself, David Glod. 

Till now, Glod has kept his promise and produced clubs with unique designs that are made in one place. 

Despite not being a large golf manufacturing company, the banner has several elite panels to take care of production, manufacture, and marketing.

This company doesn’t collaborate with other companies or production houses to build even a single handle grip for their product sets. 

Do Pro Golfers Use Tour Edge Golf Clubs? (Source)

Yes, they are! You can’t doubt the performance of Tour Edge golf clubs at the professional level. They’ve achieved lots of fame and success in recent years. 

Although the use of T.E. clubs started in the early 2000s in PGA tours and other certified competitions, the success list of the brand isn’t small at all. 

According to their official website, the brand has earned more than 200 times the top 10 finishes from pro golfers across the country. 

Furthermore, the company has sold more than 2000 clubs to golfers in the last few seasons. 

So, you can’t deny the fact that Tour Edge is indeed a brand that you can trust as a professional golfer. 

How Do Tour Edge Golf Clubs Compare to Other Brands? (source)

Now, the biggest question is why you should choose Tour Edge over many older brands in the US. 

Comparatively, Tour Edge has gained more trust and fame in a short period of time than any other existing brand. 

It’s because of the quality and commitment they feature, along with the genuine recommendations from pros. 

Let’s show you the 3 big reasons why Tour Edge can be a better option for you. 

Genuinely Made in USA

The company has been releasing only its own products. They aren’t affiliated with any other company or supplier to sell any model that hasn’t been fully created by the factory in Chicago. 

From design to packaging, every TE club carries the effort of dedicated workers and employees of the company. 

Budget-Friendly Innovations

The authority of Tour Edge wants the clubs to be accessible to golfers of all classes and quality. 

The amount you spend on buying one Taylormade club can help you buy a whole Tour Edge golf set quite easily. 

And there’s nothing to worry about, the quality isn’t compromised to make the models budget-friendly. 

Recommended by PGA Players

Honestly speaking, the company’s marketing budget was nearly zero in the early stages of development. 

Professionals in the US noticed the hype of this brand and came by on their own to try out the Exotic and Hot Launch series. 

The company didn’t even pay a single buck to make PGA golfers like Tom Lehman and John Daly represent the brand at the highest levels. 

So, the recommendations you see from the professionals for this brand are genuine and organic. 

Can I Use Tour Edge Golf Clubs? (source)

If you’re a beginner and thinking of shifting your game to the professional level, you can use Tour Edge golf clubs without any hesitation. 

For amateur and recreational golfers, the better thing is to use the Bazooka series that often professionals or semis use to practice personally. 

Bazooka clubs produce more forgiveness and hitting surfaces to allow you to improve your skills and get motivated for the game. 


The name, Tour Edge, is nothing new to modern-day golfers. The advertisement and popularity of this brand are making people know about it more than before. And that’s why questions regarding the company are also asked frequently. Here are some common ones. 

Are Tour Edge Golf clubs made in the USA?

Yes, Tour Edge golf clubs are made solely in Chicago, USA. There’s been no other factory or sub-manufacturer of this brand until now. 

How much does a Tour Edge golf club cost?

The price of quality TE clubs starts at $150 or so. But if you want the best from the brand, you need to spend at least $200. 

Are Tour Edge Golf clubs good?

Without a doubt, Tour Edge golf clubs are both efficient and promising. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, you’d get the desired type of club and iron from this brand for the best golfing experience. 

Final Thoughts

Want something very genuine and solid? Then Tour Edge clubs are undoubtedly good options for you. Tour Edge is a pure American golfing brand that gives you unique clubs with rich features without needing much. 

Yet, you must think wisely before choosing a TE golf club for you. There are variations in the models and series. 

So, you better research and decide which one to pick. Apart from that, you’re all good to rely on Tour Edge Golf Manufacturing Inc. 

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