Who Makes XXIO Golf Clubs?

XXIO is a high-end Japanese golf equipment manufacturer that offers lightweight yet premium golf clubs. XXIO golf clubs were first made by Sumitomo Rubber Industries. Sumitomo Rubber Industries is part of the British company Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd., which primarily manufactures golf and tennis equipment.

Since its debut, XXIO has made game-improvement clubs that have garnered a special place among moderately skilled golfers. Does this mean they don’t excel in the hands of pros? 

Of course not. To go deeper into the XXIO golf clubs and their excellence, just start reading what we have found about them. 

Brief Overview Of XXIO Golf Clubs

XXIO is an upscale golf club brand that is one of the most popular in Japan. They evolved as an offshoot of the same company as Cleveland & Srixon.  

However, its products are not intended for professional PGA TOUR players or amateurs, which makes them more special than those from Cleveland and Srixon. 

XXIO is best known for revitalizing the golf tradition. Their clubs are specially tailored for players who love golfing at slow swing speed. 

For instance, the superiority of XXIO golf clubs is nearly always developed with lighter, more bendy shaft designs, lightweight grips, and a lighter club head.

These attributes allow you to play with lighter swing speeds, and that will obviously bring about increased distance gains. 

Good Sides

  • All the irons and woods are crafted to be launched conveniently
  • Ladies golfers find them suitable due to the lightweight nature
  • Exceptionally forgiving golf clubs
  • Ideal for golfing at slow swing speeds
  • Eye-charming color patterns that add aesthetic value


  • XXIO golf clubs are not too familiar, and all retailers do not carry them
  • In terms of alternative stock shafts, their offerings are limited. 

What Are The Different Types Of XXIO Golf Clubs?

Primary, XXIO golf clubs are classified for men and women specifically. For men, XXIO offers 6 series of golf clubs, and for women, they offer 4 dedicated series. 

Here is a table below showing different models under these series along with their release year and current price:

XXIO Prime (2014)

ModelsCurrent Price
XXIO Prime Driver$899.99
XXIO Prime Fairway Woods$599.99
XXIO Prime Hybrids$419.99
XXIO Prime Irons$299.99 – $1,199.99

XXIO 12 (2021)

ModelsCurrent Price
XXIO 12 Driver$699.99
XXIO 12 Fairway Woods$399.99
XXIO 12 Hybrids$299.99
XXIO 12 Irons$219.99 – $1,539.93

XXIO X (2020)

ModelsCurrent Price
XXIO X Driver (2022)$699.99
XXIO X Fairway Woods (2022)$399.99
XXIO X Hybrids (2022)$299.99
XXIO X Irons (2022)$199.99 – $1,349.99

XXIO Prime Royal Edition

ModelsCurrent Price
XXIO Prime Royal Edition Driver$1,199.99
XXIO Prime Royal Edition Fairway Woods$799.99
XXIO Prime Royal Edition Hybrids$499.99
XXIO Prime Royal Edition Irons$349.99 – $2,799.99

XXIO Complete Sets

ModelsCurrent Price
XXIO Prime 10-Piece Package Set$4,499.99
XXIO Prime 11-Piece Package Set$4,499.99
XXIO 12 10-Piece Package Set$2,999.99
XXIO 12 11-Piece Package Set$2,999.99

XXIO Putters (2019)

ModelsCurrent Price
XXIO Blade Putter$299.99
XXIO Mallet Putter$299.99

XXIO 12 Ladies

ModelsCurrent Price
XXIO 12 Ladies Driver$699.99
XXIO 12 Ladies Fairway Woods$399.99
XXIO 12 Ladies Hybrids$299.99
XXIO 12 Ladies Irons$219.99 – $1,099.99

XXIO Prime Royal Edition Ladies

ModelsCurrent Price
XXIO Prime Royal Edition Ladies Driver$1,199.99
XXIO Prime Royal Edition Ladies Fairway Woods$799.99
XXIO Prime Royal Edition Ladies Hybrids$499.99
XXIO Prime Royal Edition Ladies Irons$349.99 – $2,799.99

XXIO Complete Sets Ladies

ModelsCurrent Price
XXIO Prime Royal Edition Ladies 10-Piece Package Set$2,999.99
XXIO 12 Ladies Premium 10-Piece Package Set$2,999.99
XXIO 12 Ladies Bordeaux Premium 10-Piece Package Set$2,999.99
XXIO 12 Ladies Premium 11-Piece Package Set$2,999.99

XXIO Putters Ladies

ModelsCurrent Price
XXIO Blade Ladies Putter$299.99

Where Are XXIO Golf Clubs Made? [source]

As we informed you in the beginning, XXIO is a Japanese company, so their golf clubs are necessarily manufactured in Japan. 

Although they’re also growing in the UK, USA, and other European countries, their core manufacturing location is still in Japan. 

Creating a product isolated from its origin country, particularly in the United States, can be costly, and this is true for all kinds of industries. 

Some benefits of manufacturing locally are that it allows for easier control of internal processes and procedures.

Besides, it’s easy to manage processes and resources that are in place in the homeland. This implies a higher degree of quality in the end product at a lower cost.

Moreover, a report by Yano Research Institute and the Golf Datatech Company revealed Japan to be the second-largest golfing market in the world. 

According to this report, Japan has a share of 24 percent of the worldwide golf market. 

How Do XXIO Golf Clubs Compare To Other Brands? 

Anything unique has a special place in our hearts. If we compare XXIO with other world-renowned brands, XXIO is relatively newer in the market. 

Still, their uniqueness sets them apart from other brands. Here are some notable factors discussed below that make XXIO distinct from others. 

Innovative Weight Distribution Technology

Maintaining a lighter weight is an essential aspect of creating super game-improvement irons where the shafts are also remarkably lightweight. 

Because of this, XXIO uses one of its game-changing technologies called “Weight Plus.” Technically, XXIO adds weight to a specific area meant to help you improve your swing. 

This cutting-edge process distributes weight in such a way that the balance point becomes higher than ordinarily allowed. 

This alters the posture and position of hands at the finish of the swing and leads, enhancing the ball’s motion. 

Notably, this can be beneficial even to the least-skilled golfers to expand their control to the point where they can successfully hit the ball efficiently while getting a reliable swing.

Enhanced Spin

XXIO includes loft-specific grooves as part of its new X gold club line. The loft-optimized sprocket grooves deepen and become more concentrated as the size of the irons gets shorter, giving you a further inclination to spin.

Elegant Appearance

XXIO golf clubs also excel in the attractiveness of the club. You’ll always be happy to pay for XXIO golf clubs because they’re as elegant as you anticipate. 

You may get a splash or a glowing gold motif in specific models, such as the Prime series golf clubs. 

It is probably a minor fact to some people, but the price you will pay for them is 5 times what you pay for a conventional club. 

The border is angled inward at the ends near the goal to ease ground contact for low-handicap players.


XXIO, along with its brother companies Srixon and Cleveland, differ from their competitors when it comes to marketing and technological products by using names heavily influenced by market models. 

In connection with the XXIO’s revolutionary Metalwood technology, one of its most groundbreaking technologies goes by the name ActivWing. 

It’s relatively new in the golf industry because it has only been around briefly.

ActivWing technology is mostly found in their XXIO 12 driver, fairways, and hybrids featuring a trapezoidal wedge. 

This technology uses aerodynamics to counteract the head at the commencement of the downswing. This helps to optimize the impact pattern and adjust the face angle for improved interaction with the club.

Rebound Frame

XXIO has patented a technology called Rebound Frame. This proprietary technology of XXIO uses a series of alternating zones of varying stiffness and elasticity to transfer more energy into the golf ball upon impact.

Consequently, a golfer will enjoy increased ball distance and more speed on each swing. The technology is available on the XXIO Driver, Fairway Woods, and Hybrids.

True-Focus Impact Technology

XXIO has introduced a new dimension of golf with its X series, which includes tees and woods that permit users to produce even an increased distance ever before. 

Players are able to detect center targets more easily due to the inclusion of XXIO’s revolutionary TrueFocus Impact Technology. 

Technically, it’s a combination of their own innovations, namely the Hi-Energy Impact Head and Smart Impact Shaft. 

This technology is designed for golfers with both fast swing speeds and swing speeds of less than 120 feet per second. This particular range guarantees that golfers get the most out of their swing. 


Is your curious mind searching for something more about XXIO golf clubs? Maybe the following FAQs have some information you’re looking for. 

When was XXIO founded?

XXIO began their journey as a golf product manufacturing brand officially in 2000. Because of its popularity, it’s the best-selling brand of golf clubs in Japan.

What does XXIO stand for?

XXIO is pronounced as zak-si-oh in Japanese. Ironically, the name remains incomprehensible today as it was initially pronounced incorrectly, and its origin is also arguable. According to one theory, the name signifies a leader or king from the original perspective. 

Are XXIO Clubs Worth it?

Yes, if you can genuinely afford banquets costing XXIO, you won’t be disappointed. The great build quality of XXIO clubs and their wonderful equipment are outstanding. While they may be pricey for numerous players, we’re sure the features are worth it.


Are you still wondering about who makes XXIO golf clubs? We’re enough confident, maybe the answer is no. In reality, the maker of any product doesn’t really mean so much, if the quality is satisfying and worth your investment. 

However, when it’s a big name like XXIO, it makes a lot of people curious about who make such outstanding golf clubs. And here, you got the answer. 

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